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Line and Shape

Straight Lines: An edge or line without curvature.

Curved Lines: An edge or line that’s bent.

Vertical Lines: Edges or lines that run up and down.

Horizontal Lines: Edges or lines that run from left to right / right to left.

Diagonal Lines:  Edges or lines that are slanted.

Actual Lines: Edges or lines made up of actual matter.

Implied Lines: Edges or lines created by surrounding matter, or by fragmented lines or edges.

Sight Line:

Space: Dimension.

Presence and Absence in Space: Positive and negative space.

Opened and Closed Space: Space enclosed or opened.

Kinetic Form: Movement.

Proximity: Closeness.

Curved Lines

Vertical Lines

Diagonal Lines

Horizontal Lines

Implied Line

Kinetic Forms

Open and Closed Forms

Prescence and Absence


Sight Line

Straight Lines

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